Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Hanover Police responded to a call from Chi Gamma Epsilon fraternity where an arm-wrestling bout ended in a traumatic injury. An individual suffered a broken arm and was transported away by ambulance.

The mother of a 15-year-old girl called Hanover Police to report that her daughter might have been presented information about gang-related activity. In reality, the girl had received an e-mail advising against flashing one's headlights at an oncoming car without its headlights on because if the car belongs to a new gang member, he or she would be required to turn around and kill the individual who flashed his or her lights. Hanover Police concluded that this was unrelated to gang activity, but rather urban legend.

An 89-year-old woman living in the Kendal retirement community called Hanover Police to report that her 1997 white Subaru Impreza had been smashed and its hood pried open. Police arrived at the scene to find that the vehicle had not in fact incurred any damage. Officers learned that the woman had not driven her car recently and, as a result, the Subaru would not start. The elderly woman had merely assumed that vandalism had caused her car's troubles since she had heard that someone had broken into the car next to hers and stolen 35 cents.

Hanover Police arrested a Vermont resident on a warrant for theft issued in January. After having his windshield wipers stolen, the 42-year-old male procured new wipers by removing a pair from another car in the Hanover municipal parking lot. In an attempt to cover up the act, he proceeded to switch the wipers of a random selection of cars. With the help of surveillance video, police were able to identify the individual, but because he does not speak English they were forced to wait to bring him in. After police found a translator at a local high school, the suspect was brought in and charged with Class A misdemeanor theft and will likely be subject to a fine.

Police responded to a reported fight at Thayer Dining Hall. Upon investigation, the police discovered that two male students who had been wrestling over a grilled cheese sandwich. Neither party was intoxicated, or arrested.

Hanover Police arrived on scene responding to a call from a woman saying that a crow had been on Rope Ferry Road performing somersaults for several hours. Upon investigation, police found "no sign of a weird crow."

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