Thursday, July 23, 2009


Theft. Two goats were stolen from their pen at a home on the 4700 block of 165th Avenue NE. They were later found on top of Andover High School, 80 Shawsheen Road.

Burglary. A family returned home on the 700 block of 115th Avenue NE. after being out of town and discovered someone had entered the home through an unlocked window and consumed food that was in the home. The empty food containers were located in the recycle bin. No other items were missing.

Burglary. Near the 1400 block of Kingswood Lane, officers responded to a report that somebody had entered an unlocked vehicle in the driveway and used the garage remote to open the garage door. Once inside the garage they stole a cell phone out of another unlocked car. However the cell phone was locked.

Assault. A sprinkler company employee, working on the irrigation system at the McDonald's on the 4400 block of Lyndale Avenue N., moved a bicycle off a bike rack to get at a sprinkler valve and was punched in the face by the bicycle's owner. The suspect said he thought the contractor was trying to steal his bike.

Indecent exposure. A woman called police to report that as she was driving past a man on 6th Avenue and Vicksburg Lane, he pulled down his shorts and exposed himself. The woman stated she was unsure if it was intentional. The man said he had been running and had adjusted his clothing, but didn't think he had exposed himself.

Road hazard. Officers responded to the intersection of W. 126th Street and S. Lynn Avenue on a report of two black labs in the roadway eating road kill. All animals dead or alive were gone on arrival.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Brigham Young University

Suspicious behavior. June 5: An adult male dressed in black was reported running through the quad and hiding behind dumpsters at Wymount Terrace. The man ran through the quad, dropped to his belly and army-crawled, then got back to his feet and continued running. He ran past a woman and said “Good morning” before jumping in a car and speeding off. June 6: An adult male dressed all in black was seen acting “stealthy and ninja-like” near Taylor Hall.

Disorderly conduct. A female student reported that someone was tapping at her window at John Hall in Helaman Halls Sept. 3 and she saw a mannequin head on a pole. There were 15 people in the area with two heads on poles. The case is closed and there are no suspects.

Civil dispute. A conflict, due to a failure to communicate and talk problems out, was reported between two 18-year-old female students living in M. Smith Hall in Heritage Halls. The roommates have been arguing over apartment chores and accusing one another of destroying each other’s food. Profanity and some hair pulling was involved. This has been turned over to the housing office for a resolution.

Vandalism. A Student residing in the fourth floor W-Hall of DT left his room to go to church Nov. 23. Between 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. unknown individuals left a wild duck in a bucket of water in his room. Attached to the anonymous duck was a note that read “Please feed Moses at least three times daily and give him fresh water. We named him Moses after the prophet because he likes to escape out of Egypt, if you know what I mean. He really likes people.” While the duck had been locked in, it had messed in the room. The cost of clean up was $30 and the duck was released back to nature.

Firearms. Someone reported seeing a man in the stadium with a rifle. The police responded and found out it was a grounds employee sent to eliminate pigeons with a pellet gun. Officers stopped him. The man was not able to shoot any pigeons.

Suspicious activity. A female student contacted police after being asked personal questions by a male student on Brigham’s Square. The questions alarmed the female, but police determined the questions were not in violation of any laws, but were “more in depth” than most people are used to when they first meet another.