Thursday, May 28, 2009


Apple Valley:
Suspicious socks. An officer responded to a call to a residence whose owner told the officer that he found a pair of women's socks between the cushions of his couch that don't belong to any of his family members. He said he has been finding things in his couch over the last two years that don't belong to his family, and his wife says she doesn't know anything about it. He wants to start reporting this to police.

Miscellaneous. A woman from Drexel Avenue in Jordan brought an artillery shell from the World War II era to the Chaska Police Department. She had found it in a box in the garage of her home and wanted to know how to dispose of it. The shell appeared to be unspent and the primer was still intact. Due to the unknown condition of the device, an officer from the Bloomington Police Department bomb squad responded and took possession of the device. The officer indicated the shell was likely still live.

Theft. A rabbit lawn ornament was stolen from the 3700 block of West 61st Street. A ransom note was left in the victim's mailbox.

Civil dispute. A 17-year-old boy from the 900 block of Pheasant Lane called police to say his father was depriving him of his cell phone. The boy left his cell phone at his grandfather's house and wanted his father to pick it up. The father refused. It was determined to be a civil issue.

Mission: Amusement

Police blotters can be funny. Police blotters can also be frightening. Police blotters are usually filled with repeated listings of different individuals leaving their vehicles unlocked and having their crap stolen from them. This can make finding the funny a tedious process. Let me find the funny, the weird, and the downright baffling for you.