Saturday, September 26, 2009


Employees of the Co-op Food Store spotted a 28-year-old female shopper in the store taking bottles of Twisted Tea, Hard Iced Tea and Mike's Hard Lemonade into the bathroom. Once in the bathroom, the subject allegedly consumed three bottles of these alcoholic beverages, one cookie and one butter croissant. She was stopped after leaving the building and shopkeepers discovered two of the remaining bottles of alcohol in the subject's purse. According to Hanover Police, the subject was cooperative at times, but also became belligerent. There is no indication whether or not this suspect was inspired by a similar recent theft at Go Go Mart.

Police responded to a call from workers at the Hanover Co-op Food Store that reported a shoplifting at the store. Workers observed a 15 year old attempt to hide a Ben and Jerry's Half Baked ice cream bar and a pack of Trojan ENZ condoms in his clothing. Workers stopped him at the door when he tried to leave the store and he was placed under juvenile arrest when the police arrived.

An officer on patrol observed two young men walking through a nursing home parking lot. The pair split up and the officer pursued one of the males. After being questioned by a policeman, the Dartmouth student told the officer that he and his friend were playing hide-and-seek. The officer told them to stay away from private residences in order to avoid complaints.

Dartmouth Safety and Security reported to Hanover Police that a man had repeatedly feigned drowning to entice lifeguards, usually female Dartmouth students, to swim out to him and discover that he was not wearing any clothing. After detaining 28-year-old Luis Hurtado of Miami, Fla., Hanover Police learned that Hurtado had overstayed his welcome in the United States and turned him in to Border Patrol.

Hanover Police observed a college-aged male riding a female's child-sized purple mountain bike down the sidewalk. Officers asked the 21-year-old whose bike he was riding and the subject claimed that it was his. Upon inspection of the bike, the officers did not find a serial number or any stickers on the bike and determined that they could not dispute the rider's claim that he was the rightful owner.

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