Friday, August 21, 2009

New York

Harassment was reported by an Amherst resident, who complained that prostitutes were being sent to his house.

A Benson Avenue resident reported that he has received multiple phone calls from an unknown person claiming to be Satan. The caller repeats everything the complainant says and makes vulgar comments.

Someone broke into an apartment on Pacecrest Court and stole a multicolored disco ball light from a dresser drawer. Owner needed the ball for a dance that night.

A Bucyrus Drive resident reported she has a tree house at the edge of her property and she thinks someone is living in it.

Depew fire and police officials responded around 4:45 a.m. June 6 to a fire on Penora Street. Flames in a dryer were extinguished by the time officials arrived, but smoke remained in the basement. Upon investigation, the resident was advised about the dangers of the four inches of lint found in the dryer’s screen.

East Aurora
A Boies Road homeowner told police he hired a subject to remodel his residence. After being away all day, the victim said he came home and his children told him items were missing from the home. The subject admitted to hiring “known burglars and drug dealers.”


A Williamsville resident requested assistance with his dog, which had passed away. Police responded and found the dog was actually still alive. It was taken to a vet.

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